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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Differences and the Similarities
I believe that both the movie and the book were good but each had their better parts. One part that the book did better on was showing Jonas’s anger about how he can’t share his training with anyone else. One part in the movie that was better than the book was how there was more action especially when Jonas was leaving the community. Finally there are some major changes that did not harm nor help either.
    The book did a better job on showing Jonas’s anger about not being able to share his training. In the book Jonas gets mad about not being allowed to share his training, and angry about his friends not understanding him when he breaks the rule and tries to show them. On the other hand, in the movie the only times that he tries to explain or show his friends his training he is beaming with joy or in love. In the book this is one of the small conflicts but in the movie it is not. This takes away from the movie because it does not show his anger that builds up to hate the elders and the community even more. Some may say that him not getting angry adds to the romance, but they still could of had their Hollywood romance while including Jonas’s anger about not being able to discuss his training.
    The movie did a better job on having action throughout the entire movie and especially during the part when Jonas is leaving the community. In the movie Jonas punches Asher when
Asher tries to stop Jonas from leaving the community. Also in the movie Jonas is chased, but in the book Jonas is very sneaky and unnoticed. In both the movie and the book there are planes that go after Jonas and Gabriel. Some people may say that the extra action in the movie does not add anything, but when Jonas punches Asher, Asher has some anger afterward which makes Asher saving Jonas even kinder.
    There are some major differences between the movie and the book that do not negatively or positively affect either. First of all, in the book it is 3rd person, yet in the movie it is 1st person. This does not make a difference because you still know what Jonas is acting like which is the most important thing. Another difference is that the chief elder appears more often and is an actual person in the movie, meanwhile in the book the chief elder only appears as a hologram in the yearly ceremony. This does not change anything because the chief elder only sends more people after Asher in the movie.
    I showed you how both the movie and the book are similar and different, and how they each have better parts than the other. One of the reasons why they changed a lot in the movie is because it is a Hollywood movie so there has to be romance and action. In total I think that the movie did a good job of representing the book.

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