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Friday, March 3, 2017

The Old Days

The Old Days
I am welcomed into my grandparents house with a huge hug from both of them. I can smell my grandma's homemade muffins that permeated through the entire house. I grab onto one of my grandma's famous muffins as i go to sit down next to my grandpa. I had already asked him over the phone if it was okay for me to come by and interview him. Because my grandpa has to clear his throat a lot he turns and coughs into the air across from me. My grandpa jokes that i asked him over my grandma because she is boring. Sometimes my grandpa goes on tangents after asking him questions that he is interested in. When i ask him about what was cool back when he was a teenager he is not completely sure so he has to ask grandma. When she reminds him about the Beach Boys he starts to remember about Elvis Presley and how Country music was very popular. Also when i asked him how he met grandma he joked that he found her in the dumpster scrounging for food. He really enjoyed me asking him all of the questions because he enjoys telling his stories and interacting with others.

My grandpa stands around 6 feet 2 inches and is healthy overall. He has straight gray hair that he comb’s everyday so that it does not get in his face. Because of his age he has wrinkly skin that gets bruised easily. His eye color is light brown and from afar they look hazel. He has a great sense of humor with a great laugh which is part of the reason he has a lot of friends. He wears his pants really high up almost to where his belly button is at. He wears his brand new round glasses that he cleans too often. About 3 months earlier my mom realized that his hearing was getting worse and worse, so she took him to the doctor to see what was wrong. The doctor saw that the hearing aids were doing absolutely nothing and that there was earwax clogging both his ears. My mom scheduled an appointment to clean his ears and my grandpa expressed that it was extremely painful when we picked him up after the appointment. He went through the VA to buy top of the notch hearing aids so that he hear almost like he used to. In total my grandpa is a very healthy person and a very happy person who is in good condition for his age.

Question:What was “cool” back when you were around 20 years old?
                                            Answer: In my 20’s one of the popular music groups was the Beach Boys. Also Elvis Presley was also extremely popular. If you did not listen to Elvis Presley the you pretty much only had the choice to listen to country music.
Follow up question: What was your favorite genre/group to listen to?
                                            Answer: I mainly listened to country music because that is what I heard everywhere I went, but I also really liked Elvis Presley.
Question:What were some hobbies you had as a kid?
                                            Answer: I used to spend all of my summers at the local outdoor swimming pool with my sister Carolyn. I also used to raise homing pigeons and I would raise them then let them go and they were trained to come back to me in a couple of hours. I also used to beat my friends at basketball at our local park.
Follow up question: Did you ever participate in organized sports?
                                            Answer: Yes I would participate in a swimming league where we would have competitions and practice. I won almost ten competitions. When you finish the amount you are supposed to swim you don't know if you won or not because by the time you pull your head out of the water almost everyone else is done also.
Question: How did you meet Grandma?
                                               Answer: Our parents were good friends so whenever they would meet and talk i would talk with grandma and we would go do things together. Also we went to High Schools that were very close to each other.
Follow up question: How did your parents and grandma’s parents meet?
                                               Answer: Well when I was younger it was different than now because back then everyone in the town knew each other. You would do things with your neighbors compared to nowadays when you are reluctant to say hi.
Question: What’s the differences between life today and life back then?
                                               Answer: The main difference is the technology. Technology does make everything better like how the computer is a lot better than the typewriter. I remember when I would have to type something and if I would make a mistake then I would have to use white out or restart everything. Also like I said a couple of minutes ago the communities were a lot closer and so were the neighbors.                                                                                         Follow up question: Is life better for you with technology or without?
                                   Answer: It’s certainly easier now. I feel like it is better because it has made everything easier.
Question: What are the differences in life depending on your age?
                                               Answer: As a teenager life was carefree because I didn't have many responsibilities but then when I was 18 I was drafted into the army because they put everyone in to be drafted and i was chosen. I was stationed in Germany for a couple of years. A couple of years later I married grandma and then I had 5 kids so i had a lot of responsibility.
Follow up question: What are some of the advantage you have as an adult compared to being a kid?
                                               Answer: Being treated like an adult. Also you can make your own choices for everything in life.

I learned that he was really busy with many responsibilities such as the army, marriage, and five kids. The most surprising info is when he mentioned “when i was in Germany i got drunk with some of my friends and we pissed on a cop car, but they didn't arrest us because we were in the army. One thing I noticed was that he didn't act like the more responsibilities he had the harder it was instead he said it gets easier and easier.

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  1. Jacob - You have an impressive vocabulary, using words like permeated and afar. Well done!