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Monday, September 26, 2016

Seths Magical World

Today I read Fablehaven and the Grip of the Shadow Plague. I was really surprised with Seths actions  because he was acting like Kendra when he was telling Kendra to not go into the forest by herself, because not long ago he was the one going into the forest by himself. I think that the reason for this was is because he almost got very hurt in the forest and cares to much about Kendra for that to happen to her. I predict that Kendra is not going to listen to Seth and go into the forest because she's older and doesn't think Seth is mature enough to tell her what to do. When Kendra goes into the forest  I think that she is going to fall into some trouble and have Seth come and help her. The reason I think that is because everyone is talking about the dangers of the forest

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